About ... Well, Me ...

I’m Brian, and I’m an author, Success strategist, mentor, and a life alchemist. A life alchemist? Yes! Sounds kinda crazy, right? I help leaders, entrepreneurs, and people like you to not only find your purpose, but also your own words to express it, then elevate that basic component of you so others can see and understand the value of your amazing vision.

I believe that each of our stories is a part of one story. Our story, and that this story is not possible without each and every one of us. We are all significant no matter where we come from or what we are right now able to do. I believe that you have an important role to play in our story — and this is your work. The reason you are here. We all have within us the ability to heal and elevate others and to live a wildly abundant life.

My work is to help you find and center your life practices and by doing so enable you to be better prepared to act now on the future, so you aren’t reacting to your past. This is where your character in our story makes a choice to be a part of something larger than they could see before.

Over the past four decades, I’ve helped thousands of people refocus and center themselves, growing successful businesses and lives. I’m grateful for and excited by the chance to help you too.

To your Success with peace and clarity.

Daily You Journal Cover

Everything You Are
Begins With Everything You Do

One of the hardest things about trying to take care of ourselves is that past a day or two we can’t reliably track our behaviors in our head. How many snacks did I eat last Thursday? Did I drink enough water? How long have I had this headache?

The Daily You Journal is a practical approach to capturing your self-care practices each day, so you can bring them into your awareness and make small changes with big effects.

Begin your journey today!